EcoGlitterFun Biodegradable Glitter

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Metallic Glitters: Bronze, Citrine & Sterling in Uber Chunky (2.4mm/"094)

Pastel Glitters: Pearl, Blush & Sapphire in Uber Chunky (2.4mm/"094)

Blends 1 Glitters: Mermaid, Unicorn & Golden Uber Disco Ball

Blends2 Glitters: Merman, Silver & Rosa Uber Disco Ball

Blends3 Glitters: Tutti Frutti, Aqua & Rosa Uber Disco Ball

Blends4 Glitters: Lollipop, Studio 54 & Violetta Uber Disco Ball.

Christmas Blends Glitters: Rojo Blend, Verde & Golden Uber Disco Ball

What makes this glitter eco friendly?

Once in the natural environment Bioglitter® Sparkle is metabolised by the presence of micro-organisms present in soil, compost or a waste water/ocean environment. Proven to biodegrade in only weeks. The glitter is cosmetic grade but can also be used for arts & crafts, candle & soap making and mediation jars & snow globes. More information about the eco-credentials can be found here:

Each set contains : 3x 4ml glass bottles of loose Bioglitter® Sparkle, 1 x 10ml vegan gel, bamboo application brush, how to apply card.

Materials: Made from modified regenerated cellulose film from sustainable sources. 0.1% Aluminium, 92% Plastic-free Glitter.

Suitable for kids over 3 years

Suitable for cosmetic use Vegan and Cruelty-free.

We recommend application with Aloe Vera Gel and removal prior to sleeping.

Allergy Warning: glitters do not contain food allergens.
Made in United Kingdom