100% Pure Lanolin

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Glass jar of Pure Lanolin

Lanolin is a natural moisturizer, that also creates a wonderful barrier helping lock in our skins natural oils (which are often stripped due to harsh environmental conditions like pollution). This lanolin has a creamy gooey consistency and is rich honey yellow in color.

Use to:

-Lanolize your wool garments to enhance their waterproof ability.

- Apply lightly to dry skin to lock in moisture.

- Rub on chapped lips to heal them.

- Apply to cracked or dry nipples during breastfeeding.

100% Pure Anhydrous Lanolin, Ultra Refined This product is extracted from freshly-shorn sheep wool. It is a natural byproduct of the sheering process. No animals are hurt in the process. This lanolin 100% pure with no additional additives or scents of any kind.